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This is the Hummer H1 Alpha from NFS Most Wanted Mobile, with parts from the NFS World version.
The performance was mostly copy-pasted from NFS World, but I made some custom edits myself. It enables and adjusts a hidden extra camera view (the same one that Arushan's Ferrari enables) so you can use that one to properly see ahead when you drive. The hood view was also adjusted to the car.

It replaces the Cadillac CTS

It can be customized with everything except spoilers, roof scoops and hoods. Most of the default vinyls are compatible and I include a few custom ones. It has only 4 extra body kits though (I didn't add a 5th one yet) and the back window decals are only applied on the default back window, not the extra one of the "wagon" body kit.

-The back window decals are only visible for the body kits that don't have anything covering the back.
-Some vinyls look bad in some parts of the vehicle.
-The collision detection is not perfectly accurate on the front and back bumpers so you may see it go through walls a bit in those parts when you crash.

Idk if this is the final version since it's still missing a 5th body kit, and it doesn't have damage marks yet, but I'm releasing it for now. I will probably add and/or fix stuff later. Let me know if you find bugs in it.
Special thanks in this case to Chipicao for making the tools I used to get the model from NFS MW mobile, and to BMW MRacer Fan for posting the models from NFS World.

EDIT: Updated v1.1, added a small detail on the back that was missing.

EDIT: Updated v1.2:
-made the gaps next to the trunk look a bit more 3D ish with a darker texture
-fixed some bad lighting on the rear bumper for body kit 4
-made the bumpers more light grey instead of dark grey for body kit 4
-made the suspension springs more grey than black so they stand out more

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